'Til the River Runs Dry:
Key Points
Margo Freivalds wasn't satisfied by the prevalent American lifestyle where getting married, acquiring a house and mortgage, sending kids to college, then retiring to a warmer climate and traveling was considered the path to fulfillment. Instead, her idea was to follow your dreams and do it now on your own terms while your knees and hips work painlessly. Join Margo on her  journey as she follows her adventuresome spirit. Learn from her life and be inspired in fulfilling your own dreams by overcoming a confining world.

This book on Margo’s lifestyle is possible because she wrote it all down. There is a lifetime of writings in a huge beaten up steamer chest which is my prime keep sake. There are some very neatly typed school books with perfect handwriting and hundreds if not thousands of scraps of paper with thoughts on things that came to her at the moment of things that she saw. So what follows is an organized compendium of all the things she wrote down at one time or another.

In the same way that a superman emerged from the mild-mannered Clark Kent, underneath the calm facade of Margo was an invert yet sometimes still naive risk taker.  She just believed she, and she alone, could overcome every obstacle 

"I don't know her being 'intellectually reckless,' I think she had a real spirit of adventure which might have her reacting rather than thinking things our if there was some excitement to be had." 
-Jean K.  

"Margo was definitely daring.  She knowingly and consciously wanted to experience everything."  
-Chris H.

   "I'm sure the story of her life is going to inspire a lot of women to make bold moves."  
-Barbara B.


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The background music is a song by 
John Smith  
“Down a Gravel Road" which was a
favorite of Margo’s.